Looking to get a phone contract for people with bad credit?

Today with the soaring prices of mobile phones it can be hard getting approved on a new contract. If you are suffering from bad credit, getting a phone contract can be very difficult in the UK. This is because of the high amount of credit that now comes with getting a new contract which in turn has lead to higher credit checks. However we help a number of people get approved each day on new mobile contracts even when their credit is not the best or if they have been previously refused.

So if you want to find out what you need to do to increase your chance of getting your next mobile application approved simple read our tips,  select your network using the button on the left and apply now. Below are just some of the latest phones that people have been accepted on by using our help.  Under that you will find our top tips for selecting a phone contract for bad credit before you apply.


Tips when applying with bad credit

This guide has been produced with the aim to help people with poor credit to find a contract that they can apply for and still get a decent handset and a good chance of approval. After reading this full guide you should be able to successful move on to applying for a new mobile contract via out network selection page, where you will find our selection of top places to get a mobile phone from.

When selecting a phone or mobile contract you need to be realistic with what kind of deals you are likely to get approved on. As a rule people with bad credit looking for a contract should not be looking to spend more than £25 per month on a mobile contract. This limit leaves a number of phones available to you to choose from but will rule some of the latest handset such as the IPhone. Contract any higher than this price have an increase rejection rate.

To give yourself an even better chance you could stick with your current phone and take out a SIM only contract. These contracts often give the best value for money in terms of usage. If you are looking for a mobile deal with unlimited text, minutes and data for under £25 you will have to consider a SIM only contract and team it up with either your current phone or a pay monthly phone from another retailer. (See phones on finance section).

The IPhone 5 series is very popular but has some of the highest refusal rates compared to other phones. For this reason you should not apply for an IPhone if you have bad credit. You should also avoid other high end phones like the Samsung s4, HTC one and Nokia Lumia 925. Try older models or the budget version for the same quality and features at a much lower price.

To select your network and to see what information you need before applying click here. Then you will go to the page showing the networks that are accepting people now.